Cappagh Historical Society

 Welcome to Cappagh historical society we are located in Cappagh, County Tyrone Northern Ireland, we represent a local community with a goal of restoring the original church of Cappagh located in Dunmullan province which has fell to historical times and to this day it has now fell to nature and is in desperate need of repair and we are seeking finance to return the church to its former glory as it did decades ago. 

We welcome anyone to join our society for membership click on the membership  page above for more information.Our society welcome all new comers and as we also like to help locate family trees in Ireland, we have a page on the left that is underconstruction for people looking to trace family trees in Ireland sorry for any inconvenience.


We are also trying to reclaim any artifacts from the original Cappagh church we have located the original bell and have a photograph and digital copy of the original bell the bells location is in Dublin National Mueseum of Ireland, we have some pages of information about the bell click on Cappagh bell pages to the left. 

This site is still in its early days and is under contruction feel free to contact our secetary Elizabeth on the contact page above.